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War Journal

The two pages that Shane did for the Mosaic 'spin off' War Journal. To view the whole of War Journal (if you haven't already, why not?) then visit here :

Page 12 Line Art

Page 12 Complete (Written/coloured by John-Paul Bove, art by Shane and letters by Bernie Lee

Page 13 Line Art

Page 13 Complete (Written/coloured by John-Paul Bove, lines by Shane, inks by Tom Parrish and letters by Bernie Lee

Transformers Mosaic: The Loner

Shane's third and most recent Mosaic featuring Howlback. Written by Danieal Syre and art/letters by Shane

Transformers Mosaic: Downcast

Shane's first mosaic, featuring the crew of the Decepticon Drop Ship Doomladen. Written by Mike Preist, with edits by Mary Canada and art/letters by Shane

Transformers Mosaic: Yes?

The piece that Shane inked for the Mosaic 1 Year Anniversary project

Transformers Mosaic: Letting Go

Shane's piece that he lettered for the Mosaic 1 Year Anniversary Project

Transformers Mosaic: One Mistake

Shane's second mosaic, this one set just before the events of his Obsidian's Lament story. See all the mosaics pieces, released three times a week at

Obsidian's Lament and other post-Beast Machines stories

Shane's very own, original take on the Transformer universe post Beast Machines. Note that this story is not related to Beast Era in any way shape or form.

Chapter 1


Chapter 2 - Adjuication

Chapter 3 - The New Breed


Chapter 4 - The Council of Elders

Chapter 5 - Pursuit



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