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Here's Jeffrey's various pieces featuring Marvel/DC characters.

Hulk Versus Venom (Line Art)


Hulk Versus Venom (Colours)

Hulk VS Venom Symbiote (Line Art)

Hulk Versus Venom Symbiote (Colours)


Hulk VS Daredevil (Jeffrey's inks layed over the famous Bob McCloud's pencils)

Bruschi as Captain America (Line Art)

Bruschi as Captain America (Coloured)

What if? Tony Stark Rebuilt Optimus! (Line Art)

What if? Tony Stark Rebuilt Optimus! (Colours)

Bizarro VS Venom

Captain America

Two Born Under A Bad Moon

Eclypsed Knight (Line Art)

Eclypsed Knight (Colours)

Impulse (Line Art)

Impulse (Colours)

Summer Blockbusters (Line Art)

Summer Blockbusters (Colours)


Where Jeffrey's pieces go that don't fit in the other categories

Zombie Kind

Ghendi Uchiha

Ripper and Reiko

Jonathan Long

Hellboy (Line Art)

Hellboy (Coloured)

Hellboy - faux Sketch Mag Cover

Project 4 Fusion X Cover (Line Art)


Jeffrey's non Beast Era and non Mosaic Transformer pieces

Cybertronian Brawn Bio


Grimlock VS Dinobot (Line Art)

IDW Cover Contest - Spotlight Bombshell (Line Art)

IDW Cover Contest - Mikaela Banes

Deaths Head (Line Art)

(So, he's strictly not Transformers, that's what we all remember him from!)

Deaths Head (Coloured)

(Coloured by Anthony Lee )

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